ADITI SRESHTHA, a #Delhite started her youtube channel back in 2015, a bubbly girl with a good heart and determination

That Quirky Miss is all about Lifestyle and Fashion.. She did come up with the trend of shopping hauls and street shopping back in the day which is now all over youtube

Her channel and her quirky ideas have always done justice to her name aka That Quirky Miss

This young girl became an adult over these years, the journey, and hardships are real and worth inspiring for everyone who believes in themselves

But Hey, Aditi is all about BODY POSITIVITY

And her undying Love for Tattoo;)

However, when it comes to her videos, Aditi puts a lot of Brain in her backdrops and their authenticity

So watch out for her creative work and how can we miss her TRIO Friendship aka #QUACRO #ISHAAN & Aditi herself