Saket Gokhale – The Transforming Teen Bodybuilder

Saket Gokhale at the young age of 20 has achieved what many people could never achieve but wait the journey has just started

Saket in 2017 and that’s how it started

At the age of 19 Saket uploaded his first ever video on youtube and the goal was set, to tell the world his story through videos

He has been bodybuilding since the age of 16 and pure dedication has got him where he is today

When the entire youth is out there partying, he is busy promoting a healthy lifestyle

On achieving a 100k subscribers on youtube he did something so unconventional, nobody could ever imagine, he decided to walk a 100k steps in one day!

We surely love his 2nd favourite colour ‘Orange’

Here’s to the more unbelievable moments in store from Saket Gokhale