Abhi and Niyu: Following Love

Abhi and Niyu charted their content journey to Grow and give a sense of Satisfaction to their work & life

After being fed up with the negative news spreading about India they set on to make a whole playlist on 100 reasons to love India

Straight away for 200 days traveling to the farthest corners of the country to bring in the positive stories is what they did to make India cool again

Their content is not only informative but clearly thought-provoking and inspiring…


The ending of this series wasn’t really a goodbye instead a start of an amazing “HELLO” with many more fantastic videos

Using YT and reels they now talk about our incredible India in a series called ABCs of Bharat

In his own words, Abhi wants everyone to remember the importance of consistency i.e just think of ‘What if it works’ and start doing what you want to do