Tanya Khanijow Indian Travel vlogger Who Left 9 to 5 Job to Travel Fulltime

Tanya Khanijow is an Indian Youtuber, Instagrammer, blogger, photographer and whatnot Tanya describes herself as a Traveler, Adventurer, Fitness lover, Plant parent, Nature lover She loves Hiking, Swimming and new…



Krutika Mermaid Scales Makes Magic A Reality

Krutika is a Maharashtra based Instagram influencer who found her fame through TikTok videos Her content is extremely relatable and hilarious Krutika is a make-up VIRTUOSO and her looks are…


Who is behind Atrangz

Atrangz is a KOL group by creator21, which is a property of nofiltr group. So we can assume its a sister of DAMNFAM Atrangz members are 1- Zaid Darbar 2-…

4 P’s of Comedy Not Marketing

Vipul ne samjhaya 4 P’s of comedy P1 – Premise P2 – Punchline P3 – Pause P4 – Peak of laughter Baaki P’s yaha padhlo Aur video yahi dekhlo


CA Rachana Ranade the Brisky Stock Educator

Rachana Ranade is a CA, and for more than 10+ years she has been the gardener of our curiosity Rachana educates people from different walks of life through her YouTube…