JordIndian- The Duo That Leaves Us In Hysterics

Vineeth Beep Kumar and Naser Al Azzeh are the Indian and Jordan duo that has the internet guffawing

Naser and Beep mentioned that all of their videos are purely based off of their experience, the hilarity in their story telling has led them to almost 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube

Apart from making entertaining videos, the duo has also ventured in the field of music, and have performed spectacularly there as well. So far JordIndian has released a number of songs, among which ‘Smoke Shisha, Play Fifa’ alone has garnered close to 18 million views!

JordIndian have collaborated with other big names in the YouTube industry from Lilly Singh to ThatMalluChick and the ever funny Niharika NM!

The duo have also partnered with a number of top brands including Tinder and Netflix.

JordIndian have sure come a long way, and are bound to go a lot farther!