Youtuber Aleena Rais: The Teacher with a Big SMILE

Aleena Rais is a charted accountant by profession, a teacher/educator at heart, and a YouTuber by choice

Aleena has been a YouTube content creator for a long time and has helped her YT fam or team as she calls it with improving their English

And Aleena is a true hustler and has always advocated the idea of perseverance along with consistent hard work

So after quitting her 9 to 5 job she started teaching on many online and offline platforms along with YouTube.. In her words she says

My life changed tremendously after I stopped working in a normal job and took up several home jobs to earn my livelihood. It wasn’t pretty in the beginning, it challenged me every day and sometimes I thought I wouldn’t be able to able to cope with pressures. In the end, it somehow gets OK and you learn to live with it. Life hasn’t been easy as a freelancer but I would be lying if I say I say I don’t like it. I am grateful to God for choosing me to do something I love the most, that is, working being my own boss (I’m a bad one! you wouldn’t wanna boss like me).

From being the host for YouTube channel ‘Litti’ to Educator.. she did anything and everything

Her pure heart and the beautiful life lessons make us want to hear her more

At last a beautiful message from Aleena to all