Shy Styles the Name which Defines the Personality

Saima aka Shy Styles is a name to reckon with in Fashion hauls

The name SHY STYLES was given by her (now) Husband and (then) Boyfriend back in 2016

Long back she had already defined herself as a CLASSIC in an Instagram post

ShyStyles has a Youtube channel about MAKEUP, SKINCARE, HAUL VIDEOS

She has another Youtube channel for daily life vlogging

She is a very compassionate person with minimum expression

She started her Youtube journey from Sarojini makeup dreaming to be able to produce her OWN Makeup line one day

Saima experiments with trends every now and then

Apart from being extremely compassionate and professional about her job, shystyles is very chirpy and cheerful 😁😁

She is very sensitive and yet very strong to tackle the hate on the internet without giving up on it!🙌🙌

She has been her own guide from 0 to 1M😎

She Is Not Just a Youtuber or Makeup Guru or Vlogger, she is been an Inspiration to all the Young Girls