MUKTI GAUTAM is the Daily MOTIVATION For Fitness, Diet Plan, & Exercise Goals

MUKTI GAUTAM, the girl from Chandigarh, highly motivated about Fitness, Diet Plans & Exercise Goals

Mukti is a Certified Fitness Coach and her Style is Very UNUSUAL 💪

Mukti mixes Yoga and Gym to get the desired results of fitness

Mukti’s Will Power is her Strength

She is a Strict / Supportive Coach indeed 👻

But she is still like any INDIAN/PUNJABI when it comes to FOOD

And we will talk about Mukti’s love for Food in our future posts

Now coming back to her Fitness Goals… These are Practical, Affordable, Doable yet the BEST Goals for her SUBSCRIBERS

Mukti’s TIPS are like Parents constant reminders 😉♥

TRANSFORMATION IS NOT JUST OUTSIDE BUT INSIDE #glow🌟 is Mukti’s Mantra, so do follow her for amazing fitness goals

Bonus – She is a Proud WOMAN and we are all Proud of her