Lakshay Anand a.k.a Born to Ride – Journey from Scooter to a CAR

Lakshay Anand is one of India’s youngest Travel Vloggers and goes by the name Born To Ride

Lakshay was so crazy about the YouTube community that when he turned 18, he went to meet his inspiration Mumbiker Nikhil on a Jupiter

While everyone was traveling in cars and bikes, he took one step more coz this guy is crazy as hell. He did K2K on a scooter at the age of 19

All that matters to him WAS riding and not WHAT he was riding

Born to ride then upgraded to another scooter, having done dozens of rides on his first scooter

He took it to another level when he crossed the border on a scooter

And then came April 15, 2019, Lakshay gifted himself a Royal Enfield Himalayan

And the rides went on and the fun only increased

BTR Fam’s blessing and support proved fruitful when in late 2020, he finally bought his own car at age of 22! All because of his hard work and passion

One thing we know about Lakshay is that ride might change but riding never stops (A true traveler)

Bonus – The Bumped up look of his car