DELHITE and that too PUNJABI have to be FOODIE INDEED !!! KULJYOTI DHINGRA for you all

Kuljyoti Dhingra started Blogging back in 2015 because of her love for food & travel

Kuljyoti moved a step further and started her own Youtube channel in 2017

She is not just a crazy foodie but also a great cook!

She is a ‘ QUEEN OF SARCASM ‘ and her food recipes and her memes makes it the best to watch when feeling low 🙂

Her love for Cheese is all-knowing

Apart from being a food content creator, she regularly shows her funny side on #reels 😀

She is a bubbly cheerful woman with a golden heart

Kuljyoti is also very vocal about her opinions

She has overcome all her apprehensions one by one, so sit back and enjoy watching her journey