Hungry Birds Will Make You Hungry For Food and Fun!

Hungry Birds are a group of four friends who have risen to YouTube fame through their incredibly popular food challenge videos

Hungry Birds awesome personalities and enviable friendships make their videos so much fun to watch!

Umesh and Sanket met when they were engineering students, and soon became fast friends with Priti and Akshada. Priti is also an engineer by profession, while Akshada is a doctor

Their love for food is what led them to YouTube, but they’ve also tried to incorporate teachable moments for their “Birdies” like when they donated food during Diwali

They’ve expanded their content to go beyond food challenge videos to funny sketches like their “Types of Maggi Eaters” which has 8 crore views!

They have also launched a new channel, “Hungry Birds Inside” where they make more vlog-style videos and let people in on their family lives

Priti also has her own cooking channel on YouTube where she features delicious recipes which we will talk in another post 😛

Hungry Buddies promises “fun, masti and lots of entertainment” and they definitely deliver! Be sure to subscribe to them if you want to be in on the fun!