A unique name befitting a unique woman: HER VAGABOND LIFE’s Sonia Garg!!

Sonia started her blog, “Her Vagabond Life” in 2015 and joined Youtube in 2017, where she now has over 300k subscribers

She loves experimenting with FASHION

Her thriftiness is evident in her clothing haul videos!

Sonia is always on top of the latest trends, and she tries out viral hacks to find out if they are actually worth her audience’s time and effort

Sonia might not be a beauty guru or a trained makeup artist, but she is always up for trying new looks, which makes her videos super relatable. No wonder her fam loves her!😍

Of course, no mention can be made of Sonia without acknowledging her amazing sense of humor

That’s not to say we’ve forgotten about her adorable relationship with her boyfriend, Yash Bhardwaj❤️

Their couple YouTube channel and Instagram are a ship of their names, Sonia and Yash, to make “soyabeancouple”


Their vlog channel Soyabean Couple is a testament to their amazing chemistry! Be sure to check out hervagabondlife and send her some love!