Lenskart Diwali Campaign

Lenskart hit the right spot this Diwali with none other than Carry. However, Bhuvan is missed but Ronit tried to fill him in.

Let us see who all were part of it

1- Carry Minati

2- Sonu Sood

3- Ronit Ashra

4- Vishnu Kausal

5- Varsha Mall

6- Vipul Gupta

7- Suhima Chakraborty

8- Indira

9- Anchal

10- Yash Arora

11- Dolly Singh

The unique style of tagging KOL’s who use glasses in the post also gets them a boost

1- Bhawna Lunthi

2- Yukti

3- Tarun Sharma

4- Disha

5- Atif Beerwala

The youtube video also gave them a push

another video

Stay tuned for the verdict of the campaign