Indigo Lean Clean Flying Machine Campaign

Indigo Launched a campaign to promote flying and here is the list of KOL’s engaged for the same

1- Sarah Hussain went for a Goa trip

2- Dixita Patel

3- AJ aka Ajay Sudarshan Gundu

4- Purabi Bhargava, along with the whole Oye its prank team went to Goa for the trip

5- Niharika Nath

6- Shagun Segan also took the Goa trip with his better half

7- Urfi Javed also travelled to Goa

8- Amisha Sinha took the flight to Delhi

9- Dimpi Sanghvi went with her better half to Jaipur

10- Devashree took the trip with her better half to Jaipur

11- Madhusudan Patidar packed the bags for the mountains

12- Archana Singh took the trip to Hyderabad

The youtube video also garnered 2+ mi views

Stay tuned for the verdict of the campaign