Shanmukh Jaswanth – Star In The Making

Shanmukh is the CUTE LOVE Boy next door, popularly known as Shannu

Shanmukh took Youtube by storm with his most loved series ‘The Software DevLOVEper’

For Shannu family is everything be it Blood Relation

Be it his YOUTUBE Family

He calls himself SHY person but boy PLAY the MUSIC and you can see him burning the stage with his crazy moves

And for the fans searching for Shanmukh Jaswanth Wife, the answer is he is not married but definitely COMMITTED. You can call her lover, girlfriend or future wife

And after family and love, Shanmukh’s Teddy is the world to him

Shanmukh always wanted to make it BIG and here he is moving towards his GOAL at the age of just 26

It all started with AREY ENTI RA IDI

Bonus News – Apart from The Software DevLOVEper we might see Shanmukh in BIG BOSS post-pandemic