Physics Wallah: The fun-loving Physics Teacher

Physics wallah aka Alakh Pandey sir starts his every video with so much energy and a big

Hello Bachhoooooonnnnnnnnn

For him Physics is love, Physics is life, physics is the world, and Babita too 😉

Alakh started tutoring students when he himself was in class 8th and from 11th he started teaching physics in coaching classes

With a thought to experiment something new and to reach a wider audience, he founded The Physics Wallah YouTube channel

Like everyone he faced hardships but what matters is to start doing what you want to do

Through highs and lows, thick and thin what stayed with Alakh was physics

Alakh credits his success, inspiration, and motivation to his mother and sister

There is a fun side of his which you might encounter in his videos where he sings songs with physics lyrics or hop onto his insta feed

Now time for some Pawri….

Ye humara post hai, ye humare Alakh sir hai, aur ye unki pawri hori hai