NatKhat Shady, making people smile

NatKhat Shady aka Sahitya Upadhyay is a quintessential engineer but with a very unconventional career

Shady’s interest in performing magic tricks since his childhood led him to make समथिंग ऊट-पटांग, यू चिन-चलांग videos

NatKhat Shady aka Sahitya now has a huge following on YouTube

‘Shady’ is derived from EMINEM’s name who is also known as SLIM SHADY – it has some notorious meanings like Suspicious, doubtful, or tricky just like Sahitya

He claims to be an ILLUMINATI & the red capital A in his logo(shAdy) signifies this

Sahitya a creative mind has a love for playing musical instruments

He is a football freak too and a die-hard fan of FC Barcelona, Argentina

Shady’s transformation is mind-boggling and certainly an inspiring one

So do follow NatKhat Shady and enjoy his crazy videos like this one